Recycle on the Go in Wales

Welsh householders recycled 52 per cent of their waste in 2012 to 2013. However if Wales is to reach its target of 70 per cent recycling by 2025 it’s important that people have the opportunity to recycle when they’re out of their homes.

Introducing a recycling service may be easier than you think. To make it easier still, WRAP Cymru has produced a guide which provides everything you need to know about introducing recycling facilities, including how to choose the best system and what the benefits will be for you.

Download the guide

We have produced a suite of case studies which provide insights into scheme development and lessons learned. You can access them from the links on the right of the page.


Recent WRAP research shows that people respond better to clearly labelled recycling units and supporting messages. To ensure the most effective Recycle on the Go scheme, two sets of bilingual artwork templates have been created which can be adapted to the facility owner’s needs:

  • Promotional templates to help you signpost facilities, reinforce recycling behaviour, and ensure the public know what materials they can recycle and where.
  • Point of recycling templates designed to appear on the recycling units themselves and show the target audience which materials can be disposed of in your recycling units.

More information

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Please note that Welsh language materials are available, and will be added to the site very soon.