Preparing a chair for re-use at FRAME, Pembrokeshire

Preparing for re-use: a roadmap for a paradigm shift in Wales

16th July 2018

Preparation for re-use is the act of taking waste, preparing it for re-use and putting it back into the economy. This Roadmap, with a supporting technical report, sets out the potential actions and interventions required to support increasing the amount of preparation for re-use that takes place in Wales within the local authority collected municipal waste stream.

A roadmap for a paradigm shift in Wales

The Roadmap estimates the impact that increased preparation for re-use would have on the wider Welsh economy. As well as looking at the impact on the national re-use, recycling and composting rate, the Roadmap presents the outputs of modelling to estimate the impact with regard to: jobs and volunteer posts created; avoided greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; and direct and indirect added value to the economy resulting from increased preparation for re-use activity. It presents a view on the level of action and intervention that would be needed to achieve different levels of preparation for re-use, including a transformative paradigm shift in Wales.

Technical report

This technical report supports the ‘Preparing for re-use: a roadmap for a paradigm shift in Wales’ document (referred to as the Roadmap). It provides technical information regarding:

  • details of the scope of the research and how the aims and objectives of the research shaped the research methodology; 
  • details of literature and data sources used; 
  • commentary around the various interventions included under each scenario in the roadmap report, including case study examples; 
  • details of the modelling approach, its outputs, interpretation of its outputs and its limitations; 
  • recommendations for further research.