Hospitality and Food Service

The true cost of food waste to the UK hospitality and food service sector is over £2.5 billion a year; on average, that’s one in six meals served. 

Throwing food away costs much more than just the waste disposal bill; there is the cost of the food itself, the fuel in cooking and the time staff take to prepare it and throw it away.  If a 180 litre wheelie bin was filled with food waste every week, each one would cost around £200; multiply this by 52 weeks and it comes to nearly £10,500 a year – money that could be saved by doing a few things differently.

WRAP’s resources provide businesses in the sector with the tools to help them take simple steps to becoming more efficient, reducing costs, improving their bottom line and increasing their resilience to future challenges.  These resources include:

  • WRAP Support for Small Businesses: This landing page provides quick links to the key resources for those taking the first steps towards minimising food waste.
  • Business Support by Sector: To help you find information relevant to your needs, this page lists our supporting resources by sub-sectors.
  • Your Business is Food – don’t throw it away (YBIFHaFS): Just getting started on your food waste prevention journey?  This programme supports tourism, hospitality and food service businesses with simple steps and handy resources to reduce the amount of food thrown away and to engage staff.
Please note that WRAP Cymru can provide direct support to a limited number of businesses in the roll-out of YBIFHaFS.  Please contact us on 02920 100 100 for details regarding how you could benefit from this free support.
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If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the  Wales Food Waste Prevention team on 02920 100 100.