The Health Sector

Food waste prevention offers a real opportunity for hospitals to make financial and environmental savings, and improve the catering service they provide to patients.

WRAP, in collaboration with The Hospital Caterers Association (HCA) and Welsh Health Boards, has developed a range of resources to help hospitals review their own service and to identify solutions to reduce avoidable food waste.

Challenging the way the catering service is delivered and utilising the combined experiences of catering, nursing and dietitian teams (“the Power of 3”) can identify waste prevention opportunities.  This can include behavioural changes such as avoiding the preparation of ‘just in case meals’ or more fundamental changes such as revising a menu or the food ordering system. 

By reducing the amount of food that is wasted and ultimately disposed of, savings can be made through the avoided purchase of ingredients or meals, lower kitchen utility bills (i.e. gas, electricity and water consumption), more efficient use of staff time and lower waste disposal costs.

  • Taking Action on Waste: This information sheet outlines the issues and the key steps required in taking action on waste.
  • Screencasts: Produced by WRAP, and developed with the HCA, these screencasts offer a step-by-step guide enabling hospital caterers to reduce food and associated packaging waste and to recycle more.
  • Business Support for the Sector: To help you find information relevant to your needs, this page lists our supporting resources for the Health Sector.  (Simply click ‘Healthcare’ once you’re on the page.)
  • Waste Prevention Toolkit: This toolkit is designed to help hospitals cut costs by reducing food waste.  It includes guidance, advice, checklists, communication materials and example action plans. 
  • Your Business is Food - don’t throw it away (YBIF): This programme supports hospitality and food service businesses with simple steps and handy resources to reduce the amount of food thrown away and to engage staff.
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If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the  Wales Food Waste Prevention team on 02920 100 100.