Circular Economy Fund Recipients

WRAP Cymru has so far awarded five capital grants to manufacturers in Wales, with the total investment – including match-funding – standing at more than £2.08 million.  Over three years, this is expected to result in:

  • the incorporation of over 10,000 tonnes of additional post-consumer recycled materials in products manufactured in Wales;
  • the prevention of more than 6,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions;
  • turnover growth in excess of £7.3 million; and
  • the creation of at least 14 new jobs.

Please scroll down or click the links below to read more about some of these successful manufacturers and their plans for growing their businesses and the circular economy in Wales:

Capital Valley Plastics, based in Cwmavon

About Capital Valley PlasticsEstablished in 1987, Capital Valley Plastics manufacturers polythene products, including gas barriers, damp proof membrane and damp proof course for the construction industry.
Supported activityAs a result of the grant, Capital Valley Plastics will manufacture 100% recycled damp proof membrane and damp proof course from plastic pellet produced from recycled film which would otherwise go to waste.
Recyclate to be usedLow density polyethylene (LDPE) pellet produced from jazz coloured films.
Capital investment inThe grant will part-fund the purchase and installation of a blown film extrusion machine.

Watch this short video of Capital Valley Plastics’ Managing Director, Roger Phillips, discussing their grant.


JC Mouldings, based in Brynmawr

About JC MouldingsEstablished in 2014, JC Mouldings manufactures injection moulding products. Material feedstock includes polypropylene (PP) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).
Supported activityAs a result of the grant, JC Mouldings will increase the amount of recycled content in their products from 5% to over 25%.  They will also be able to produce larger products and increase their production capacity.
Recyclate to be usedRecycled PP and ABS plastics.
Capital investment inThe grant will part-fund the purchase of a higher-specification injection moulding machine, mould tooling and building work for storing the additional materials.


Sarpak, based in Port Talbot

About SarpakEstablished in 2002, Sarpak produces a range of plastic packaging solutions to protect products from damage.  These are used by businesses in the furniture, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing sectors.
Supported activityAs a result of the grant, Sarpak will incorporate 30% recycled content into a high-quality, three-layer film previously manufactured from virgin plastics.  The central layer will be made from recycled plastics, enabling Sarpak to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising the quality or recyclability of their product.
Recyclate to be usedHigh density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE).
Capital investment inThe grant will part-fund the purchase and installation of a three-layer blown film coextrusion machine.

Watch this short video of Sarpak director, Lee Shackson, discussing their grant.


Smile Plastics, based in Swansea

About Smile PlasticsEstablished in 2010, Smile Plastics produces 100% recycled, decorative thermoplastic panels for use by retail, interior design and architecture businesses.
Supported activitySmile Plastics will scale up production of high-quality products at their site in Swansea, increase efficiency and reduce energy use as a result of the grant.
Recyclate to be usedHigh-density polyethylene (HDPE), high impact polystyrene sheet (HIPS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
Capital investment inThe grant will part-fund a highly specialised, improved semi-automatic material conversion equipment, associated equipment and factory modifications.


Techlan, based in Swansea

About TechlanEstablished in 2009, Techlan manufacturers silicone release paper which is used across a range of sectors, from packaging manufacturers to the aerospace industry.
Supported activityThe grant will help Techlan to meet growing demand for packaging used to despatch online sales purchases to customers.  This is a new product made from 100% recycled content, used to protect adhesive surfaces on the packaging.
Recyclate to be usedRecycled paper.
Capital investment inThe grant will part-fund the purchase of a conversion machine, associated equipment and factory modifications to produce the new product.

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