The view from WRAP

  • The Big Freeze

    By: Beth Winkley Posted: 17 Feb 2012
    I saw daffodils blooming in December in Cardiff, and I was harvesting my own land cress well into the new year. But then winter finally arrived, and for us gardeners I’m not sure whether it was a blessing or a curse.The colder months inevitably mean higher heating bills, but adequate insulation can help cut fuel consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. WRAP Cymru has worked with a South...
  • The benefits of resource efficiency

    By: Beth Winkley Posted: 6 Feb 2012
    On 9 February I’ll be talking about environmental sustainability at the Empower Conference for the voluntary sector. I’ll be talking about the fact that making decisions on environmental grounds often results in economic and social benefits.It’s something that all of us working in the sector are aware of, but it’s worth reminding ourselves now and again - being resource efficient, preventing...