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The water and carbon footprint of household food and drink waste in the UK: A summary for Wales

In a new report, WRAP and WWF have quantified the amounts of water and carbon that are wasted across the UK due to avoidable food and drink waste. This summary report highlights what this means for Wales.

Economic Assessment of the Welsh Assembly Government's Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector Plan

An evaluation of the costs and financial benefits to Wales of meeting the Towards Zero Waste recycling and waste prevention targets through implementation of requirements in the Collection, Infrastructure, and Markets Sector plan.

End Markets for Recyclate in Wales

WRAP Cymru commissioned SKM Enviros to undertake a review of the available markets for recycled materials in Wales; to look at how these markets currently work and how they might be developed. The report will provide one input for consideration in the formulation of the Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector Plan to be prepared by the Welsh Assembly Government. 

Please note: the analysis and the proposals for action are those of SKM Enviros and not WRAP or the Welsh Assembly Government.

Kerbside Collection Options: Wales

A key objective of 'Towards Zero Waste' is for 70% of household waste to be recycled by 2025. This objective will be underpinned by statutory recycling targets for individual local authorities.

This study, commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government, examines the relative merits of different dry recycling collection systems (co-mingled, two-stream and kerbside sort) in relation to WAG’s sustainability objectives with a view to informing the policy framework within which local authorities will deliver changes to their services so that the target may be achieved. 

Separately Collected Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Waste in Wales 2007/08

The results of a survey to gain a better understanding of the provision of segregated waste collection services to businesses in Wales, the current capacity of the service and future opportunities to expand services. Tonnage data relates to 2007/2008. Whilst all 22 waste collection authorities were surveyed, due to the low response rate from private sector companies, these findings should be seen as indicative of the capacity of commercial, industrial and agricultural waste collection services in Wales rather than conclusive.

The Composition of Municipal Solid Waste in Wales

This report, commissioned by WRAP Cymru and funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, is designed to help inform future waste policy and service decisions in Wales.

While householders in Wales are recycling more than ever before, this report reveals that an extra 4kg/household/week could be collected through their kerbside collections.

Towards Zero Waste Wales 

Towards Zero Waste sets out, at a high level, how the Welsh Assembly Government will build on the successes achieved through Wise About Waste - The National Waste Strategy for Wales (2002). It describes a long term framework for resource efficiency and waste management up to 2050.