WRAP and the European Pathway to Zero Waste

From 2011-2013 WRAP worked in partnership with the Environment Agency on a project that tested different ways to cut waste in the South East of England. Lessons learned were rolled out across the UK and relevant member states within the EU. The project is known as European Pathway to Zero Waste (EPOW).

Together we developed and implemented changes that will reduce waste to landfill. At the same time will looked at how to maximise the economic benefits by reducing input costs and developing a market for recycled content products.

WRAP’s contribution to EPOW included:

  • Evaluating the impact of waste exchanges and understanding the conditions required to develop successful commodity markets;
  • Demonstrating how public sector demand for products and services with recycled content or with lower waste impacts can be stimulated through sustainable procurement, and how green procurement can be expanded to the private sector; and
  • Demonstrating how voluntary agreements, supported by business advice, can help businesses contribute to the goal of zero waste.

Find out more about the whole project on the Environment Agency Website.

This is a LIFE+ project, part-funded by the European Commission.