Household Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collected for recycling is made up of multiple categories including Large Appliances, Cooling Appliances, Display Equipment and various items that can be summarised as Small WEEE. Small WEEE includes: small household appliances; IT & Telecoms equipment; consumer equipment; lighting equipment; electrical & electronic tools; toys, leisure and sports; medical devices; and monitoring & control instruments. Automatic dispensers have not been included as the tonnages are too low to display effectively (0 to 63 tonnes per quarter).

A WEEE / EEE category for photovoltaic panels was introduced in Q1 2014. The figures from this category have been included in the Large Appliances figures for reporting in graphs.  


The current highlights and trends include:

  • Approximately 133kt of WEEE was collected in 2017Q2, almost identical to earlier levels. Small WEEE collected increased slightly to around 38kt in 2017Q2. 

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