Taking action on waste: the business case

A set of PowerPoint slides to help you spread the word about how to take action on food and packaging waste with your staff, clients or customers.

Select the slides that are most appropriate to your organisation and adapt them to fit your requirements.


Focuses on:

  • The cost of food waste and the business case for taking action
  • Introduction to supporting resources for businesses
  • The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement

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Taking action on waste; resources for hospitality and food service chefs and support staff


Taking Action on Waste; ResourcesTaking action on waste; resources

Focuses on:

  • The cost of food waste and how to reduce it
  • Measuring and monitoring food waste
  • Preventing food waste: spoilage, preparation waste, plate waste
  • Preventing packaging waste
  • Managing residual waste
  • Sustainable procurement
  • An overview of resources to support chefs and staff

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