Spirit Pub Company: Engaging the supply chain

Spirit Pub Company currently has 764 managed and 531 leased pubs throughout the UK. The pub company has a variety of brands, ranging from the premium pub dining experience of the Chef and Brewer brand through to the value offers of Flaming Grill, John Barras pubs and children’s play zones Wacky Warehouse.

The company undertook a project in 2010 to transform its waste operations in all pub locations. This was with the specific objectives to minimise landfill, reduce carbon footprint, maximise recycle values and to reduce overall costs. This led to a total review of the waste supply chain, engaging key industry stakeholders to get the most up to date industry knowledge also engaging our key distributors for them to become partners in the project.

Through a series of innovative "back hauling" measures, Spirit saved over £1.6m which was some 65% of their total waste costs, and protected the business from landfill tax increases. Specific measures included:

  • Pubs now segregate food waste in a designated food waste bin in the kitchen area. This food waste bin must be lined with a biodegradable bin bag to catch the food.
  • Each pub is provided with a cage on which can be filled with waste cardboard. The card is flat packed, for maximum capacity in the cage. Each pub is also supplied with a weatherproof shroud to protect the card from becoming damp and therefore affecting its recyclable value.
  • Due to space constraints in ‘City and Urban’ pubs Spirit has designed a modified recycling solution. The ‘City Solution’ involves the return of waste cardboard, cooking oil and crushed glass using a purpose build glass crushing machine.

"Spirit Pub Company see supporting the new WRAP Hospitality and Food Service Agreement as a key element in our waste reduction strategy as it will provide an industry platform  to share best practice, industry knowledge and deliver financial and environmental benefits." 

Vance Fairman-Smith, Spirit Pub Company

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