Residents of Cardiff could each save £200 a year simply by doing one thing differently!

10th September 2014

Join the famous Love Food Hate Waste Liquid Greens Machine on Queen Street (Castle end) on the 11th September to find out how!

On Thursday 11th September, the Love Food Hate Waste  ‘Liquid Greens Machine’ will be coming to Cardiff Queen Street, from 8am until 2pm serving up healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies prepared by expert chefs from ingredients that  are commonly wasted every day in our homes. The City’s event, which is the next stop on the ‘Love Food Hate Waste 10 Cities’ tour, is in partnership with Sainsbury’s and  the City of Cardiff Council helping us all to #DoOneThingDifferently.

In June, WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign announced that Cardiff is one of just 10 cities across the whole of the UK chosen to focus on fighting food waste in 2014-16, helping the people of Cardiff to ‘do one thing differently’ - changing our kitchen habits and showing it's possible for us all to make a difference and prevent our food from becoming waste.

Minister for Natural Resources, Culture and Sport John Griffiths said:

“We can all take steps to make the most of the food that we have bought. This can mean getting creative with leftovers or just being aware of use by dates.  The Love Food, Hate Waste campaign is full of useful suggestions to prevent waste and many people in Wales are already saving money because of their efforts.”

Emma Marsh, Head of Love Food Hate Waste said: "We all have our own reasons for why food gets thrown away at home, so there isn't a one size fits all solution. We want to be able to get people to look at the huge volume of food and drink that's ending up in the bin and consider the one thing they might do differently to make sure that food gets tasted, not wasted. From storing fresh fruit in the fridge to using the freezer better, to downloading our free App, to using the portion calculator – just doing one of these things can help everyone to waste less, save money, and help the environment.

“Retailers and brands also have an important role to play in making it easier for us to avoid throwing food away and I’m delighted that Sainsbury’s have committed to working with us over the next two years in Cardiff to make this a reality”

"The Liquid Greens Machine is just one example of a creative way for people to experiment with the good food and drink they buy and try making something delicious and different as well as kicking off our exciting campaign in Cardiff."

Judith Batchelar, Director of Sainsbury’s Brand said: “We’re delighted to be part of WRAP’s Ten Cities initiative here in Cardiff and we’ll be getting involved with our recipe ideas, meal planning and google app, helping customers to live well for less.”

Councillor Bob Derbyshire, cabinet member for Environment said;

‘Our parents and grandparents knew how to make the best use of leftovers because during the war and post war period rationing meant food was treated as a precious commodity. Subsequent generations have found food plentiful and as a result there has been an increase in wastage.  What we need to understand is that it takes a lot of precious energy to grow and deliver food and in these times when energy supplies are coming under pressure we need to ensure we do not waste it. The other thing about left overs is that they can often make delicious meals such as soups and stews so we all benefit. So I’m delighted Cardiff is one of the 10 cities involved in this excellent initiative and hope the campaign is a great success.’

Come along on the 11th September and pledge with us to #DoOneThing Differently.

For further information please contact:

Sally Hollyhead – on 07712 853 656

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About WRAP

1.     WRAP works with businesses, individuals and communities to help them reap the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products and using resources in an efficient way.

2.     Established as a not-for-profit company in 2000, WRAP is backed by government funding from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

3.     More information on WRAP's work in Wales can be found on @WRAP_Cymru

4.     LFHW is delivered by Waste Awareness Wales (WAW) in Wales. WAW is a Welsh Government funded organisation that delivers communication and behaviour change projects which helps the Welsh public change their waste behaviours and contribute to meeting the Welsh Government’s prevention, reuse and recycling targets set out in the Wales Waste Strategy ‘Towards Zero Waste’.

WAW deliver a programme of support for local authorities in their waste communications to help achieve waste targets by encouraging public behaviour change and increased participation in using local authority recycling and other waste services. 



1.       Love Food Hate Waste is brought to you by WRAP and its work is underpinned by ground-breaking, evidence-based WRAP research

2.       The most recent food waste figures available are for 2012 – these were published by WRAP in November 2013 and can be found here:

3.       The average person in the UK could save £200 a year by not buying and then throwing away good food and drink. This rises to £470 for the average household and £700 for a family with children.

4.       Throwing away good food and drink is responsible for the equivalent of 17mt of C02.

5.       The campaign aims to help us all recognise the amount of food that we're throwing out and to demonstrate how by doing just one thing differently, we can dramatically reduce how much money we're wasting each and every week. For more information please visit



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6.       WRAP is taking the Liquid Greens Machine to 10 cities in total across the UK to raise awareness of the issue, as well as helping people to make small changes but big savings. The '10 cities' are: Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Greater Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool City Region, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield with support from the major food retailers across the UK, including Asda, Central England Co-operative Ltd, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco, The Co-operative Food and M & S. Launch events will take place between July and September 2014 as part of a wider comprehensive Love Food Hate Waste campaign running in each city until March 2016.