NHSS Water Efficiency Audits (SUP002-002)

Closing date: 
22 June, 2012 - 15:00

ZWS’ Programme of Support for the National Health Service Scotland (NHSS) is focused upon project activities within hospital sites to realise the commercial and environmental benefits of resource efficiency, waste minimisation and closed loop recycling. As part of this Programme, water efficiency audits are to be undertaken at three NHS Scotland hospital sites. The project will require site visits to each hospital, the preparation and presentation of results, and the creation of a detailed action plan for implementing cost-saving improvements at each site.

Scope of work

  • Determine the amount of water that is being consumed on site within different departments through constructing a mass balance
  • Identify existing areas of good practice in water consumption within the hospital site
  • Identify opportunities for cost-savings at each site
  • Identify opportunities to address observed leakages and operational losses
  • Identify the potential cost and water savings from water reduction initiatives

It is anticipated that each water audit should require no more than five days to complete. The commissioned work is anticipated to take no more than 15.5 days in total, including a half-day presentation of results at a meeting with Health and Facilities Scotland (HFS) at their offices in Glasgow.

The deadline for the work programme and tender submissions is detailed below:

  • Deadline for receipt of tender submissions - 15:00 on 22/06/12
  • Tenderers receive notification of ZWS’ decision - 29/06/12 
  • Work to commence by - 09/07/12
  • Work to be completed by - 26/08/12 

One electronic copy of your tender should be submitted to Lesley McMurtrie, quoting SUP002-002 NHSS Water Efficiency Audits email: Lesley.McMurtrie@zerowastescotland.org.uk 

Full details, including relevant deadlines and contacts, are included in the attached document.