Mogden Formula Tool

How much is trade effluent disposal costing your business and could you reduce the costs?

Use WRAP’s Mogden Formula tool to help check your trade effluent bills and identify potential cost savings from reducing or treating wastewater prior to discharge. 

What is the Mogden formula?

The Mogden formula is used by water and sewerage companies to calculate charges made to collect, treat and dispose of your effluent. The cost depends on the volume and strength of the discharged effluent. 

Download the Mogden Formula Tool here

The Mogden Formula tool is a spreadsheet tool based on Microsoft® Excel® which allows you to check your bills and identify potential cost savings from reducing or treating wastewater prior to discharge.

Please note: The Mogden Formula tool has been redeveloped so that it is no longer preset with annual charges for each wastewater undertaker. Instead, you are able to directly input the applicable charging components which can be found on your trade effluent bill.  The charge relates to the type of treatment provided by the sewerage undertaker at the receiving sewage treatment works.

The spreadsheet is suitable for use for sewerage service providers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The tool also allows you to explore the impact of changing specific aspects of the effluent on the cost to discharge, such as the volume, the chemical oxygen demand and the suspended solids concentration.  

The Mogden Formula tool can therefore be used to calculate the potential cost savings from producing less wastewater that is cleaner and easier to treat.

We recommend that you save the tool to your computer rather than open it online. To do this, click on the link and select 'Save file'.

For Excel 2000 and higher versions, you will need to make sure the Tools Macro Security setting is set to 'low' before you open the spreadsheet.