Manage & measure

Contracts awarded should have resource efficient and sustainable requirements embedded into the contractual terms, along with a defined methodology for the supplier to report resource efficiency performance.

Many retailers, brands and product manufacturers have long term and mature relationships with their suppliers, where the earlier stages of the buying process have taken place some time ago. In these cases, it is important to extend the management and measurement processes to include resource efficient and sustainable improvements.

The guidance will help you answer the following questions:

  • Do you have an existing performance measurement system that can be adapted to take into consideration waste prevention, water and energy reduction measures?
  • Do all key stakeholders understand the role they play in managing the suppliers’ performance in this area and do they understand where to go to for support?
  • Does the supplier have enough time through the life of the contract to deliver the waste, water and/or energy reductions required?
  • Does your supplier management process encourage discussions on innovation and solutions relating to waste, water and/or energy reduction?
  • Are suppliers encouraged to feedback issues relating to resource efficiency requirements that relate to your own organisation’s performance? This is particularly important if individuals in your own organisation are undertaking activities and making requirements that prevent suppliers from achieving their targets.

You can download the guidance here