Local authority support

WRAP analysis has identified that for England to meet the revised Waste Framework Directive (rWFD) target of recycling 50% of household waste,  an additional 1.7M tonnes will need to be collected for recycling by 2020. Materials identified as being key to the achievement of this target include food waste, plastic packaging and glass.

Local authority support

The Local Authority Support Programme in England is keen to work with local authorities on projects that will contribute towards delivery of the 50% target. We are also looking to work specifically with local authorities that are wishing to introduce or improve existing services for the collections of those key materials (food waste, plastic packaging and glass).  For these local authorities, we can provide technical advice as well as communications support.

We will welcome applications from individual authorities, partnerships and groups of authorities facing similar issues.

As part of our support programme, we will be running a series of workshops in the Autumn and Winter on a number of issues pertinent to local authorities in England. These may include:

  • Waste regulations route map 
  • Maximising the Value of Dry Recyclables
  • Introduction of Food Waste Collections
  • Improving the Performance of Existing Food Waste Collections
  • Communications support

Please register your interest if you would like to receive further information when the workshop subjects have been finalised.


The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) manages the Recycling Managers’ Training Course. Please contact Angus Glover to request further details on the course content.

Regular communications

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We also provide technical guidance on a range of issues which may be of interest to you.

For further information, please email: lasupport@wrap.org.uk or tel: 01295 819663.