Implement strategy

This guidance document explains the implementation steps and answers the following questions: 

  • Do you understand the maturity of the market in terms of delivering solutions relating to the reduction of waste, water and/or energy and have you identified an engagement strategy that will ensure suppliers understand the importance of the tender requirements?
  • Do you understand the mechanics of how the submitted tenders will be evaluated when considering solutions and innovations relating to reductions in waste, water and/or energy? Specifically weightings associated with the subject, the responsibility and competency of individuals assessing supplier submissions and the pricing model being used?
  • Have you included key contract terms and conditions in the agreement relating to waste, water and energy efficiency?
  • Do all your stakeholders agree on the implications should successful bidders fail to deliver their contractual resource efficiency requirements?
  • Have you agreed the KPI’s relating to waste, water and/or energy that will be measured as part of the contract execution and have you agreed a plan to gather baseline data to measure improvements?

You can download the guidance here