Good practice guidance for recycling service providers to SMEs

WRAP commissioned a series of recycling trials targeting SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) during 2006. The aim was to test and evaluate several different types of service, looking at a variety of sales and marketing methods, different charging mechanisms, and numerous other variables.

The findings of this research showed that successful recycling services were attractive to SMEs if they were easy to use, convenient, good value for money and helped them to realise the benefits of recycling.  From the operators point of view the services were sustainable and financially viable.

Following the evaluation of this series of trials good practice guidance has been developed.

The good practice guide is based on the learnings from the first series of feasibility trials, and is intended to provide practical advice and information on how best to develop and provide recycling services to SMEs.

The guide covers the major elements of developing and providing a service, focusing in particular on the three key areas:

  • Sales and marketing activities;
  • Operational issues; and
  • Financial issues.

For existing recycling service providers who may want to expand their activities to cover new recyclable material streams, or target new geographical areas or new types of customers, this guide will help them to review their operations, identify improvements and plan their development and expansion.

For organisations that wish to establish a new recycling service, this guide will help them to plan all the main elements of service development and operation, and assist them with designing a service that will be economically sustainable.

Download a copy of the good practice guidance