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Hospitality, Food and Drink

Helping the sector to save money by becoming more resource efficient

As part of our current delivery plan, WRAP Cymru will be supporting those working in the food and drink sector, starting from the beginning of the supply chain with Wales’s food producers, through to the food and drink outlets including Welsh supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and others in the hospitality and food service sectors. WRAP has developed a range a tools and resources including:

NEW - Waste Prevention Workshop Presentations. Use the links on the right of the page to download presentations from our workshops for hospitality and tourism businesses.

The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement

The Hospitality and Food Service (HaFS) Agreement has been designed to support the HaFS sector in working together to save money by reducing waste, optimising packaging and increasing recycling rates. In the development of the Agreement WRAP worked closely with interested and relevant organisations and individuals to determine the priorities for the Agreement.

The Agreement builds on WRAP’s research, and work already being undertaken by the sector to tackle waste. It also delivers on all four governments’ commitment to tackle waste and carbon.

WRAP Cymru is working with Welsh Government and other Welsh industry partners to ensure the hospitality and tourism sector in Wales can play its part and benefit directly from the savings that can be achieved through the implementation of simple measures.

The agreement complements existing schemes such as the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) and the Sustainable Development Charter. Continued collaboration with our partners will ensure that Welsh companies benefit from grants specific to Wales and from being part of a UK-wide agreement.

If you would like further information visit the Hospitality and Food Service page or contact us on 029 2044 8090.

Grants and Guidance for Hospitality and Food Businesses

Welsh SMEs working in the hospitality and food sectors can apply for grants of up to £50,000 rowards waste prevention or recycling equipment, plus consultancy support worth up to £10,000.

Find out more and apply.

Household Food and Drink Waste

WRAP Cymru is working in partnership with Waste Awareness Wales to engage with consumers to help them make informed choices about the food and drink they purchase and ultimately reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away.

The Love Food Hate Waste programme sets out to work with and support consumers when shopping for food, measuring out portions and making food last longer by storing it correctly, as well as providing recipe ideas for leftovers.


Along with reducing food waste for businesses and consumers, WRAP Cymru will be identifying opportunities in the packaging sector to optimise packaging, and where appropriate, incorporate recycled materials into packaging so it makes efficient use of resources such as plastics, paper and card and works to minimise overall materials and food waste.

  • Resource Efficient Innovations Database (REID) - showcases resource efficient technologies such as machinery, tooling, materials and design from across the world.
  • Glass Toolkit - recycled content calculator to support industry understanding on the calculation of national recycled content figures in accordance with the protocol for UK manufactured container glass
  • Packaging and Recyclability Guidance - aims to inform designers, marketers and packaging specifiers, at a general level, about design decisions they need to consider when developing packaging for recycling at the end of its life cycle

WRAP Cymru can provide practical help and support to businesses including financially through a number of business support packages that are available for qualifying businesses. More details can be found on our Business and Markets page