Finding Cost Savings: Resource Efficiency for SMEs

This guide aims to help small to medium sized enterprises/organisations (SMEs) and the business support organisations advising them to find concise, useful reference information on resource efficiency, environmental legislation and management tools. It also has an overview of the activities that small businesses may be involved in. 

Download the guide: Finding Cost Savings: Resource Efficiency for SMEs
At face value, using your raw materials wisely just seems like common sense. It is – but with support and increased knowledge, you could adopt an approach to safeguard these resources that may well save you money and enable you to invest in growing your business.

All organisations should aim to be as resource efficient as possible by preventing waste from the outset. Organisations across the UK have the potential to save up to £23 billion a year by using resources such as water, energy and raw materials more efficiently. In many cases, much of this money could be saved quickly and simply.

This guide will help to pinpoint what resource efficiency is about and the steps you can take to save money.

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