Eligibility for support, funding and guidance

Eligibility criteria for WRAP business support services are listed below. 

Please note that this applies to England only. Organisations in Wales should contact WRAP Cymru and organisations in Scotland should contact Zero Waste Scotland.

To receive support from the majority of our services you must be a Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SME) or a third sector re-use enterprise.

The definition of an SME is a business with fewer than 250 employees and either a total turnover of less than £42 million or a balance sheet total (net worth) of less than £36 million.

SMEs with outside investors may still be eligible for support provided that no more than 25% of the business is owned by a company of larger size than an SME.

Business Activity

There are two types of business activity that are eligible for business support services:-

a) Reprocessing or collection business operating in (or a start-up business planning to operate in) the UK recycling sector and recycling one or more of the following materials: food waste; glass; mixed plastics; textiles (carpets, clothes and mattresses), WEEE or wood (lower grade). The waste that you are recycling must mainly be derived from the UK's waste stream.

b) A company operating in the UK re-using or repairing one or more of the following materials:  WEEE, textiles (clothes but also home textiles such as carpets and curtains), furniture (office and domestic).

Third sector re-use enterprises

Third sector re-use enterprises are eligible for business support services provided that they are involved with the re-use or repair of one or more of the following materials:

  • WEEE;
  • textiles (clothes but also home textiles such as carpets and curtains);
  • furniture (office and domestic); and
  • food (re-distribution for human consumption).

Other materials, for example paint and mattresses, may be considered subject to agreement.

Support to consortia of re-use enterprises, working in collaboration or in conjunction with local authorities or commercial companies, is in scope provided organisations are involved with the re-use or repair of one or more of the materials listed in the paragraph above.


WRAP's business support services are not available to companies whose principal activities involve materials other than those listed above.

De minimis

WRAP’s business support services are provided under de minimis state aid rules.

Under EC Regulation 1998/2006* (“de minimis” aid regulation), this is deemed de minimis aid.  There is a ceiling of €200,000 (approx £167,500 as at 1 January 2012).  If this limit is exceeded, companies receiving support may be required to repay the excess.


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