Define scope

The first guidance note will help you will help you answer the following questions:

  • Do you understand which organisational resource efficiency requirements apply to your supply chain, particularly relating to waste prevention, water and/or energy consumption?
  • Have you conducted a risk analysis on your category in order to identify where waste, water and/or energy hotspots exist? This is related to both the overall category as well as individual products contained within it.
  • Have key stakeholders outside the purchasing community been involved in identifying and agreeing these hotspots?
  • Do you understand the budgetary constraints associated with your category – resource efficient outcomes have been shown to help reduce costs; there also maybe the scope or opportunity for investment or innovation relating to efficiencies in waste, water and/or energy for your supply chain that could lead to savings in the long term?

You can download the guidance here

While our guidance is built around a category management buying process you do not need to have a formalised category structure to follow this approach.