Cross-market data


This section of the data portal provides information that is relevant to all sectors of the recovery and recycling market.

The current highlights and trends are:


Crude oil prices

Brent crude oil prices continued to remain buoyant in December, reaching almost £50 per barrel at times. The average price during 2017 has been £42 per barrel.


UK electricity prices

UK electricity prices have fluctuated throughout 2017. However December 2017 saw them reach £75 per MWh. This is the highest price point seen in several years. 


Cotton prices

Cotton prices have been broadly stable over the past twelve months, averaging around £0.56 per pound. 



US Dollar rates have remained fairly stable over the past 6 months, trading around 1.31 against the Pound. 

Euro to Sterling rates remained at around £1.12 against the Pound. . In August 17 they had dropped to below £1.10 against the Pound. 

The Chinese Yuan continued to trade around  6.6 against the Dollar.