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Three logos; Love your Clothes, Love food hate waste and Recycle for Wales

Did you know that reducing your waste not only benefits the environment by reducing the amount we send to landfill, but can also save you money?

What help is available?

Reduce your food waste and save money

Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) provides useful information on the actions you can take to reduce your food waste at home, which will ultimately benefit your purse and the environment too.

As well as tips and recipes, LFHW also delivers free cascade training for employers and community groups to help inform people how to make the most of the food we buy, waste less and save money. If you would like to co-ordinate a session for a group of people, contact our LFHW cascade trainers.

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Make your clothes last longer or give them away to be reused

Love Your Clothes helps us make the most of the clothes we already have. It encourages you to think about way you purchase, use and dispose of clothes.

Through Love Your Clothes, we provide easy and practical tips and advice on how to:

  • make your clothes last longer
  • reduce the environmental impact of laundering your clothes
  • deal with unwanted clothes, and 
  • make the most of your wardrobe.

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Recycle for Wales

Recycle for Wales provides useful information on the benefits of recycling and how to recycle as much as possible from your home.

More information

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