Gate Fees Report 2013

10th January 2017

WRAP’s sixth annual gate fees survey covers gate fees charged to local authorities in the UK for a range of municipal waste recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal options.

Key points:
The median MRF gate fee paid by local authorities is £9 per tonne, unchanged from 2011-12
The range of MRF gate fees (-*£40 per tonne to £82) indicates substantial variation both across and within regions due to a variety of factors
A trend over the last few years indicates a decline in MRF gate fees paid by local authorities



The 2013 Gate fees report comprises a summary report that outlines the key findings for 2013 and a full technical report where further detail on the 2013 gate fees is provided.

Facilities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were surveyed between December 2012 and February 2013. The survey covered both those procuring waste treatment, disposal and recovery services (primarily local authorities) and service providers.

Following the survey work, interviews were carried out with senior managers of waste management companies (WMCs). The interviews were aimed at ‘sense checking’ the gate fees acquired as part of the survey work, and to provide additional understanding of the various market drivers.

To complement these reports, information relating to the treatment costs for organic wastes supplied from commercial/industrial sources is available in a short abstract report. This short abstract report can be accessed with the full report below:

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The key findings of this year’s survey of gate fees across the UK as a whole include:

  • Local authorities who signed contracts with Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in 2012 receive a median income of around £7 per tonne of material. This represents a fall in income when compared to what was reported in last year’s survey12. If all MRF gate fees supplied by local authorities are considered – that is, across all years, including contracts signed as early as 1995 – then it would appear that there has been no change in the median gate fee since the last report (i.e. it has remained at £9 per tonne). The inclusion of historical contracts means that these median prices are less prone to fluctuation.
  • The median Open-air Windrow (OAW) gate fee has fallen marginally since last year to £24 per tonne.
  • The median In-vessel composting (IVC) gate fee for food waste has declined by approximately £10 since the previous report, while the median gate fee for green waste was found to be the same as that charged by OAW facilities.
  • The median gate fee reported by local authorities for the treatment of food waste at AD facilities has remained unchanged since last year at £41 per tonne.
  • The median UK gate fee charged to local authorities for the onward management of wood waste collected from Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) has risen marginally since last year.
  • The median gate fee for landfilling non hazardous waste has remained unchanged since last year, but the annual increase in landfill tax means that the overall cost of landfilling has increased by £8 per tonne.
  • With the rise in landfill tax, the median gate fees paid at EfW or MBT facilities are now slightly cheaper than landfill.
  • The range in gate fees presented for landfilling the three hazardous materials considered here are broadly similar to those presented last year.



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