The view from WRAP

  • How moving towards a circular economy can drive productivity

    By: Marcus Gover, CEO WRAP Posted: 21 Apr 2017
    It was good to see resource efficiency as part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper. This approach has the potential to deliver significant increases in the UK’s productivity, jobs and growth, as well as carbon and other environmental benefits, which is what I said in WRAP’s response.  In welcoming the current proposals for including resource efficiency in one of the strategy’...
  • Time to unite in the Food Waste Fight: The business case to act and reduce food waste and loss

    By: Marcus Gover, CEO WRAP Posted: 7 Mar 2017
    With one third of all food produced on this planet wasted or lost, food waste is a colossal challenge we can’t afford to ignore.  Neither can businesses, municipalities, and governments afford to ignore our new report, co-authored with the World Resources Institute, on behalf of Champions 12.3.‘The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste’ report finds significant returns for company...
  • Food waste is a battle we can win by working together

    By: Marcus Gover, CEO WRAP Posted: 13 Jan 2017
    “Where there is unity there is always victory,” wrote Publilius Syrus around 46BC.  So this week when we see that progress in reducing UK household food waste has stalled, it doesn’t mean we are losing.  It means we need to unite in the fight against food waste.More people are talking about food waste than ever before, which is great news.  But it isn’t enough.  7.3 million...